Increasing utilization patterns and expensive new drugs have fueled the need for companies to identify strategies for containing prescription drug program costs.  For self-funded clients, we offer the services of our pharmacy specialist, a Registered Pharmacist with a wealth of insider knowledge and experience.

Our mission is to help self-funded employers reduce and manage pharmacy benefit costs.

We are not selling you a product; we are providing you with in-house expertise to minimize prescription costs and maximize savings.  Additionally, this is the cornerstone of our group health benefit consulting services.  Our services have saved clients tens-of-millions of dollars in prescription drug costs alone.

If your organization is stressed out over rising prescription drug costs, then we may have the right prescription for you.

We are group pharmacy benefit consultants……the way it should be.

Pharmacy Specialty Services
  • Prescription Aggregated Buying Group:  A prescription benefit purchasing group comprised of over 150,000 member lives achieving aggressive fixed cost pricing solutions.
  • EE Pharmacy:  A service to employers who want to open and manage their own pharmacy specifically for health plan members.
Pharmacy Consulting Services

The initial goal of our Pharmacy Consulting service is to establish the best fixed cost for the client. Then our ongoing retrospective claims analysis helps the client make informed decisions about pharmacy benefit management and cost control.

  • Request-for-Proposal (RFP) Process
  • Fixed Cost Analysis
  • Clinical Management Programs
  • Reporting (Quarterly)
  • Rebate Recovery